Plausible Analytics Mobile

Your dashboards and analytics, simplfied, and now accessible from anywhere. View your important website stats right from your phone.

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Tired of cluttered desktop analytics?

Plausible Analytics Desktop

  • Notifications that get lost in your inbox
  • Can't see realtime visitors from home page
  • Can't see your analytics without logging in
  • Hard to see metrics on smaller screens

Plausible Analytics Mobile

  • Get real-time stats for all your websites
  • View analytics without logging in
  • Notifications in your pocket
  • Designed for mobile platforms
  • Completely free to use

I don't want to use the desktop website every time I need to check my analytics. The reports and notification emails also get lost in my inbox.

Plausible Analytics Mobile makes it easy to check my web stats from anywhere, anytime, without needing to log in!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, this is not an official app, the app is not in any way affiliated with Plausible Analytics. The app was designed to match what Plausible Analytics offers in their web dashboard so users would already be familar with the design.

  • Make sure you follow the official documentation for adding Plausible to your project/website. If it doesn't load in the official Plausible Analytics web dashboard, it won't load in our app.

  • You need to have the Plausible Analytics Business plan in order to generate your own API key. Once you have the API key, you can add an unlimited number of websites to our app at no additional costs.


Monitor your analytics from anywhere, anytime

Don't waste time using a desktop-only tool, get Plausible Analytics Mobile today for free!